in Life

At Least,…

Wakaka… kinda surprised my self this morning. I’ve never won anything before, never got any gift, lottery or sort of. But this morning, while i was making my self a cup of coffeee, i found a Rp 1.000,- gift inside the package of the sachet.

Ya,… i know it’s only a single thousand that cant even pay a 1-hour parking in Jakarta, but still, feels like winning something! ^_^

I’ve seen at least 2 of my friends winning prize as valuable as a car, another friend won Sony television set, a Fujitsu laptop etc. But, seeing my self winning something is reaaaally something. Hmm… better let this be a good start so next month or next coming weeks can win something bigger.

I wish it was a car, tho :p

Hmm… some money to add, also good.

Err… plus some travel trips.

Hhh, maybe plus a good laptop.

And, another amount of cash money.

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