in Life

Front Seat!

In my youth, years ago, there’s something I always want to do. I want to sail across the deep blue ocean, through the straits. 🙂 I want to be able to go to many countries, many ports, many harbours, by working on a vessel or ship (I know, owning a vessel or ship, will be damn good, but I put my feet on earth that time haha). Before I made my mind choosing Industrial Engineering, I have 2 other options; architecture and shipping.

For several reasons, I chose Industrial Engineering, although my feeling always more into shipping. A decision I never regretted, and will never be. I enjoy knowing many things as an industrial engineer. But, there’s this thing with the previous feeling. Yesterday, I’m visiting a job site in Bontang, and to reach the Crane Barge, we need to take a small speed boat. And I’m in the frontseat! Beside the you know, the ‘driver’, I dunno the english for God’s sake. Haha.. I even hold the control for a sec.

Hahahaha…. Actually, I want to tell the ‘driver’, that I want to drive it to the base-port, but… I changed my mind. (Hmmm… imagine I did!)

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