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Its been a while since my last post. Been in Bontang (300 km from Balikpapan) last week. The 1st time I’m in Bontang, they told me “when you drink the water from the land of Bontang, you will keep coming back”, I laughed. Bull Shit! (Jack Welch would have called it BS, for bull-shit).

It was July 2004. And one-and-half year ahead since then, there’s been those 5 more trips to this oil and gas town, and made me nod my head and said “Damn! They’re right!”… Know what, next week, I’ll be visiting Bontang again for another trip to another client. A marine constructor. I can say that there’s nothing in Bontang. What I do everyday : wake up, breakfast and a cup of hot coffee, 5 minutes drive to job-site, conducting audit/consultancy/training, go back to hotel, watch one hour of TV, dinner with client, back to room, typing/reading/or another TV hour, and sleep. Tomorrow? The same thing!

Ah, tired? Yes yes yes… but must put in mind and soul, that these trips were just several good experiences and many to come, these are learning experiences, where we can also learn about life. Learn yours too! 😉

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