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Hmm… body still not okay. Ate lots of fruits yesterday, banana, orange. Not to mention, carrot, pumpkins.. Errr.. and a bit of meat! Hehe.. cant resist the ‘dendeng balado’. Go to office today, editing some training modules, sending some mails. Hope to get well soon, must go to Semarang tomorrow morning.

Oh yes, just bought Prambors Hits Vol 3 and feel so good to be able to listen to Ordinary Life (Liquido) and Cruisin’ (Sioen). Just love these 2 songs. Never heard of Liquido? You can try it by following this link, download clip of Ordinary Life! If interested, just LimeWire-ing! Hehe.

what has come of you
fadin´ into gloom
blackening everything that we achieved
thought I felt a kill
an underrated skill
catching but heavily quite a disease
givin´ some crap
it is to show you where my head is at
it´s but a shame
this is some
ordinary life


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